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About Rena Flooring Wierden the Netherlands

Rena Flooring was founded in 2014 by Steinn Magnusson who has shown, during the last 28 years, that he is an artist when it comes to producing wood flooring. Over the years he has evolved into a leader in his sector, producing special high quality wood flooring.It is thanks to Steinn's skills and experience in working with wood that the company, Rena Flooring, has risen to play an important role on both a national and an international level.

All our products are handmade, meaning that they are all manufactured and finished with craftsmanship. In addition, our suppliers are carefully screened and selected in order to ensure that our primary materials are of the finest quality. Our entire production process takes place in our factory, guaranteeing a true ‘Made in The Netherlands’’ product.

Our timber comes from different countries allowing us to offer a multitude of different species such as:

  • European Oak,
  • American Oak
  • American Walnut,
  • Canadian Maple,
  • Wengé,
  • Doussié,
  • Ash,
  • Douglas just to name a few.

We offer our clients a wide range of sizes (sizes from 50 mm up to 750 mm in width and lengths up to 12 meter), colours and species, providing them with a variety of specific grades and designs to satisfy every desire. The wide range of products available to the customer allows for a host of options which can match every taste and requirement for both projects, interiors and installation methods.

Rena Flooring B.V.

De Zoeker Esch 14
7582 CN Losser (NL)
The Netherlands

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